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The Numbers

9 %

Projected Annual
Growth rate

75 +

Years of Real Estate

1 .5%

Management Fees

Long term value creation backed by disciplined real estate investments

At REICG we understand the long-term ownership benefits of a hard asset like commercial real estate. 

We supercharge those benefits by leveraging the laws of compound interest to deliver the greatest wealth generating investment in the market.

silhouette of light tower under cloudy sky

SEC Registration

Reg A+ registration for
access and transparency

At REICG, we have successfully navigated the demanding journey to secure SEC registration, unlocking an extraordinary opportunity for non-accredited investors. For far too long, the most lucrative investments and strategies have remained out of reach for many. With our Reg A+ registration, we're tearing down these barriers, offering you a gateway to premium investment opportunities previously reserved for the elite.

Our commitment to our investors ensures you gain access to an optimized growth investment, backed by the reassurance of SEC oversight and the stability of US Commercial Real Estate. Welcome to a world where exclusive investing is no longer exclusive, courtesy of REICG’s dedication to democratizing wealth-building opportunities.

Global Unaccredited Investors

5.4 billion


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