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A 721 with REICG is Different

REICG is disrupting the way “Private Equity” real estate funds in the U.S. operate and raise capital. REICG’s innovative business models offer 721 Investors opportunities that never existed before.

Public REIT vs Private Fund: REICG is a private fund that is structured like a public company, because it will be selling a large number of shares internationally with low minimums as a Securitized Token Offering (STO). STOs or digitized electronic shares backed by real assets are already trading on STO exchanges around the world, including two SEC approved STO exchanges here in the US, with more on the way. REICG is the first Private Fund to also offer 721 Investors Liquidity.

Liquidity vs Volatility: Everyone wants liquidity for their investments. Everyone has also learned recently that the liquidity offered by the public markets is a double edged sword. Volatility can cut your wealth in half over the course of a week. Private Real Estate Funds are not liquid so they are not volatile, and they generally have a 3 to 5+/- year exit strategy.

REICG’s business model is designed to offer the best of both worlds. Limited yet ever increasing liquidity along with stable and predictable valuation growth with low to no volatility. Read more about our Business Models

Income vs Appreciation: There are an unlimited number of both Public and Private real estate investment opportunities that offer dividend Income. U.S. investors have come to see that the Income from a single property investment, may not be as consistent and reliable as once believed.

In addition; Commercial Real Estate professionals across the U.S. are predicting that commercial real estate values will remain flat or lower for the foreseeable future.

REICG has created a cash-flow Real Estate backed opportunity for enhanced “Equity Share” appreciation. Think about growth stocks like Netflix or Amazon. They do not pay dividends and no one invests in these companies for the income; they invest for the appreciation.

REICG Equity Shares will increase in value in both a flat and decreasing price environment. Because the growth of share value does not depend on the increasing valuation of any individual property. REICG Equity Share value is based upon the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the entire portfolio of properties; and the portfolio of properties will INCREASE as we acquire additional properties every year!

No U.S. commercial real estate firm has ever offered an International Real Estate Fund like this before.

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