Portfolio Diversification

Our simple investment strategy diversifies risk by spreading investments across a broad array of properties, each with a varied tenant base, located in diverse geographical areas, with unconcentrated labor markets, and featuring staggered lease maturities. While it’s true that no strategy can eliminate all risks, our approach significantly minimizes the chance of substantial losses by distributing exposure across multiple assets. This methodical spread not only fortifies your investment against isolated market fluctuations but also paves the way for steadier, more secure growth. Join us in a strategy where resilience is built-in, offering a clearer, more confident path to wealth accumulation.

Questions? You’re Covered

Diversification is a common investment practice that is difficult to achieve in Real Estate investing.

Investors own an equity share of the fund (REICG) and the fund owns all of the assets.  Participation in the equity ownership of the fund represents a proportional ownership in all of the assets that the fund owns. 

No individual investment is tied to any specific property or asset.  As the portfolio grows the number of assets that an individual’s investment is spread across also grows.  

REICG’s current investment thesis is stand-alone neighborhood retail centers that are grocery anchored.  Investing in a particular asset class means we need to diversify the value drivers for each individual property across the fund.  We focus on a diverse tenant mix, geographic areas, unconcentrated labor markets, and staggered lease maturities.  By acquiring properties that are unique in these four characteristics we can effectively manage any idiosyncratic risk to our portfolio.

Yes.  All investments have risk associated with them.  We have built an investment strategy that is designed to minimize and mitigate as many risks as possible, but unfortunately it is not possible to mitigate all risk.  We believe we are delivering some of the best risk adjusted returns in the market but there are always outside influences that are out of our control. 

No.  REICG is structured as a fund, therefore no individual investment is tied to a specific asset.  Because of this, REICG’s management team will act as the investment committee, selecting the assets that effectively deliver the necessary diversification across the portfolio.  This is a truly passive real estate investment, all investors need to do is sit back and watch their investment grow.