Get Started for as little as $500

The beauty of a real estate fund that pools small investments from a vast number of individual investors lies in its democratization of access to the lucrative world of direct real estate ownership. Historically, the high cost of direct ownership put this lucrative investment category out of reach for small balance investors, confining the opportunity to build wealth through real estate to those with significant capital. This collective investment model not only spreads risk among a broader base but also amplifies the potential for growth by pooling resources to target more ambitious projects or a wider variety of properties. For investors, this means enjoying the benefits of real estate investment—such as potential for steady income, appreciation, and portfolio diversification—without the need for substantial upfront capital. 

It’s an innovative way to tap into the real estate market’s wealth-generating power, making it an ideal strategy for those looking to start or expand their investment journey with manageable contributions. This inclusivity fosters a sense of community among investors, as they collectively share in the success and growth of their investments, making it not just a financial venture, but a collaborative journey towards achieving mutual financial goals.

Questions? You’re Covered

Initial investment amounts may change over time.

Initial investment in REICG is $500 but any additional investment in REICG is only $10 per investment.   

Yes, investors can set up an automatic direct deposit investment plan.  The initial investment is still required to be $500 but any additional investment can be as little as $10. 

Once our fund is well established, we’re committed to broadening its reach by lowering the entry threshold and setting a cap on maximum investments. This strategic move is designed to open doors for those investors who stand to benefit most from access to our offerings, ensuring that more individuals can participate in the wealth-building opportunities our fund presents.

All investors will share proportionally in the returns our fund earns, which are projected to be approximately 8% to 9% per year. Our strategy of pooling together smaller investments unlocks the potential to chase down larger, more lucrative assets. This collective approach doesn’t just amplify our buying power; it sets the stage for all involved to enjoy a more prosperous outcome.