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Security of an Asset Backed Investment

Investing in a product backed by hard assets like commercial real estate offers a wealth of benefits, chief among them being the tangible security it provides. Unlike stocks or bonds, which are subject to the volatile whims of market sentiment, real estate is a physical asset that retains intrinsic value through economic ups and downs. This tangible backing not only offers a hedge against inflation but also provides potential for capital appreciation over time as property values increase. 

Moreover, real estate generates predictable, inflation adjusted, cash flow through rental income, offering investors a consistent return on investment. This blend of stability, growth potential, and income generation makes hard asset-backed investment products particularly attractive for those seeking to diversify their portfolio and mitigate risk, while also tapping into the long-term wealth-building power of commercial real estate.

Questions? You’re Covered

Our structure provides all of the benefits of direct real estate ownership with none of the headaches.

REICG is a fund that directly owns a holding company that holds all of the assets acquired by the fund.  In a worst case scenario: liquidation of the fund’s assets, there is no corporate middleman between investors and the proceeds of the sale of all of the assets in the fund.  

The management team is a dedicated third party asset manager, fund manager, and deal sponsor.  They do not own REICG the fund and cannot run up expenses or over leverage the assets of REICG.  The management company, which receives some of the lowest fees in the industry, is wholly owned by our founding partners and is dedicated to deliver the greatest long term value to our investors as possible.

Our fund is open-ended meaning we will constantly be raising new money as more and more investors learn about our capabilities.  As new money is raised we will issue new shares and purchase new properties.  Which will enhance the growth strategy and deliver faster returns for all of our investors.  The new shares will not decrease or hamper the return of our early investors, they will only make the strategy stronger.

Transferring a property for shares is called a 721 exchange and we are currently in legal discussions to make this a reality for property owners.  There are a number of tax benefits of a 721 exchange which explains the legal complexities.  If you have a property you wish to sell please let us know.

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