Why get SEC Registered?

An investment in real estate that has been registered with the SEC under Regulation A+ Tier 2 offers significant advantages to investors, primarily due to the enhanced transparency, regulatory oversight, and access it provides. This level of registration subjects the investment to strict SEC scrutiny and reporting requirements, ensuring that all material information is disclosed, which helps investors make more informed decisions. Furthermore, Tier 2 allows for larger capital raises—up to $75 million within a 12-month period—increasing the potential scale and impact of the investment. It also opens up the opportunity for both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate, broadening the investor base.

This democratization of investment opportunities means that more people can partake in the wealth-generating potential of commercial real estate, previously the domain of institutional investors or the very wealthy. Additionally, the regulatory framework provides a layer of protection and credibility to the investment, enhancing investor confidence. Overall, Reg A+ Tier 2 registration represents a blend of growth potential, regulatory safety, and broadened access, making it a highly attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with real estate.

Current Registration Status

At REICG, we are successfully navigating the demanding journey to secure SEC registration, unlocking an extraordinary opportunity for non-accredited investors. For far too long, the most lucrative investments and strategies have remained out of reach for many. With our Reg A+ registration, we’re tearing down these barriers, offering you a gateway to premium investment opportunities previously reserved for the elite.

Our commitment to our investors ensures you gain access to an optimized growth investment, backed by the reassurance of SEC oversight and the stability of US Commercial Real Estate. Welcome to a world where exclusive investing is no longer exclusive, courtesy of REICG’s dedication to democratizing wealth-building opportunities.

Link to our SEC Filing status: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1905895/000121390022027488/0001213900-22-027488-index.htm

Questions? You’re Covered

SEC registration is only a single piece of the transparency puzzle

SEC registration allows REICG to accept non-accredited investors into the fund, which greatly increases access to our investment platform globally.  The more investors we can bring into our fund the more efficiently our growth mechanism will work, the better deals we will be presented, and the more cashflow there is for liquidity.  SEC Registration opens our investment up to an entirely untapped pool of potential investors.

Maintaining our private company status delivers several benefits to our investors.  Primarily, it causes our share value to be more stable.  If our shares were publicly traded they would fluctuate with the market and REICG would have to mark-to-market the value of our assets.  Mark-to-market is an exchange rule that requires the valuation of a property as if it were sold today, even if nothing has changed with the property or cashflow streams and regardless of whether the property is going to be sold at all.  

REICG is required to submit audited financial reports to the SEC for review on an annual basis but REICG will be preparing un-audited financials on a quarterly basis.  We are taking this additional step to deliver ultimate confidence to our investors that their investment is steadily growing and the NAV per share is legitimate.  

Yes. Since we are offering this opportunity directly to the public, from our website and mobile app.  Anyone who signs-up with us and passes our investor screening may invest.