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Use our compounding real estate investment to exponentially grow your money 

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Our Method


Your investment buys Commercial Real Estate


We automatically reinvest profits into more properties


Compounding accelerates over time


Sell your shares when you are rich

Alan And Matt

About Us

It is our mission to empower global investors to capture the wealth generating power of US Commercial Real Estate.  We are actively breaking down the barriers for everyday investors to achieve their financial freedom.  

Our team has refused to take any institutional capital to free ourselves from Wall Street’s yoke.  We will always do what is in the best interest of our investors and their long term wealth creation.

Why Choose Us

REI Capital Growth offers a low risk, compounding,  investment product designed to deliver all the benefits of commercial real estate ownership 

Rocket Liftoff

Client Testimonials

"As an investor, I feel your team is one of the most professional and attentive I have seen. With the thorough due diligence you have done, I have enough confidence to be your long term investor."
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Jack F.
"When my wife and I started thinking about investing in commercial real estate, we quickly realized that it is not an easy thing to do for a small investor. We were very happy to discover that Alan and his team could provide us with the opportunity we were looking for. We are very excited about our first investment and we are looking forward for new opportunities in the future."
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Dmitry W.
"The REI team performs the heavy lifting of identifying and capturing commercial real estate opportunities, while also optimizing income potential and maintaining high quality property management.  This model provides access for smaller-scale investors to reliable income generation at manageable risk levels."
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Rich K.

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