Initial Equity Offering (IEO)


REI Capital Growth (REICG) has devised a new Equity Investment [business model] that offers Consistent Growth. Backed by the “real assets” to be acquired within our U.S. Commercial Real Estate Fund.


When qualified, this new Real Estate Fund Offering is the combination of an “Interval Fund” structure wrapped in a “Permanent Capital Vehicle (PCV)” with the capability to record beneficial ownership on blockchain to enable secondary trading on Alternative trading platforms (ATPs) and Exchanges; when the liquidity markets becomes available.  

The Genius of Compounding Growth


Compounding Interest is the 8th wonder of the world according to Albert Einstein and the exponential power is only achieved through time.

The best time to start your investment wealth building journey is now.

Start early to enjoy years of long-term growth and high interest income with REI Capital Growth and Income Funds. As an owner in the equity fund you participate in the equity growth projected to be 9% annually, which doubles the value of your holdings in approximately 8 years. This is how wealthy families have grown their wealth. Now it’s your turn.

We are applying a Warren Buffet investment strategy to Stabilized Commercial Real Estate.


“Buy a profitable business, reinvest the profits and buy another profitable business. No dividends on Equity.”

The Benefits of Tokenizing the Equity Stock Offering

Our equity stock offering will be using an SEC approved Transfer Agent with a blockchain capable Cap Table to provide investors with transparency and the security that their beneficial ownership position is immutable.

By synchronizing beneficial ownership with a blockchain enabled Transfer Agent, we will be able to easily list our securities on one or more alternative trading platforms, for enhanced liquidity.

When qualified, our Equity Stock Offering will provide confidence to global investors that it is an SEC compliant Reg A+ Tier 2 offering.

As our equity stock offering is designed as a  Permanent Capital Vehicle, with no dividends, global investors with no U.S. tax ID may participate, without concern over the 30% dividend withholding rules.

The Equity Stock Offering will provide global investors unprecedented access to U.S. commercial real estate investments.

An  SEC approved Digital Transfer Agent (that can enable a blockchain Cap Table) provides clarity and stability in the valuation of each share of stock (or token) based upon the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the real estate acquired.

Reinvesting cash flow to acquire additional assets provides Equity share investors long-term, year-over-year, compounded growth in NAV.

With US GAAP audited financial statements and quarterly reports to its shareholders as required by the SEC, provides unprecedented financial transparency and investor confidence for an otherwise private real estate investment fund.

NAV and hence Share ( Equity Stock) value will grow regardless of the interest rate environment.

NAV and hence Share (Equity Stock) value will grow in either a rising, level or falling real estate price environment.

New Digital Security exchanges in the U.S. and all over the world, for the first time, can provide global liquidity for investors in U.S. private real estate funds.

Liquidity is enhanced and NAV managed with a share redemption program.

At REICG we like to refer to the combined business structure as a “Perpetual Growth Machine” and that is exactly what REICG is endeavoring to provide with our Equity Stock Offering.

REICG Equity Token Offering (ETO) Details

Fund Name: REI Capital Growth LLC
Total Raise: $75,000,000
Soft Cap: $0
Raise Status: Estimate SEC certification – Fall 2023
Minimum Investment: $500 US
Security Type: Equity / Stock / Ownership
Exemptions: Reg A+ Tier 2
Registration Country: USA
Accepted Currencies: USD, $USDC
Accepted Investors: Non-Accredited US and Global Eligible Investors
Minimum Required Holding Period: none
Stock (Token) Name: REICG
Stock Symbol: REICG-E
Offering Price: $10.00 US
Blockchain Platform:  Agnostic
Protocol: TBD
Issuance Platform: Vertalo
Restrictions: KYC / AML
Escrow Custodian: TBD