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REI Capital Growth pools small balance investor funds and invests in Grade A Commercial Retail Real Estate.  We buy stabilized cash-flowing properties and reinvest the profit into acquiring more properties.  Your capital grows with each month of property cashflow and compounds with each new acquisition.

REICG offers a quarterly redemption program, reserving 10% of the net operating cashflow for redemption requests, if any.  We will buy back your shares at the current NAV per share, on a pro-rata basis.  Our investment product is built for long term hold periods, with thousands of investors that all have individual investment timelines, creating the perfect scenario to deliver investor liquidity without needing to liquidate assets.  

REICG does not offer cash distributions. Our investment strategy is to reinvest at least 90% of the property level profits into acquiring additional properties, which creates a reliable, ever expanding growth mechanism that compounds over time.  

REICG is NOT a REIT.  A REIT is required to distribute 90% of their profits to their investors as regular taxable  income. REICG pays tax at the corporate level and then reinvests 90% of the profits into acquiring additional cash-flowing properties.  This reinvestment strategy creates a reliable growth mechanism that accelerates over long periods of time.

You should always consult with your tax advisor regarding your specific tax situation.  However, we have designed REICG to be taxed at the corporate level, so that investors should only be taxed when they sell their shares. Assuming you hold your shares long enough any gains over the purchase amount should be taxed at the capital gain tax rate. Capital gains tax rates are typically lower than your regular income tax bracket and allow your investment to grow on a tax deferred basis until you are ready to liquidate.  

Yes, the management team will be continuously selecting properties to acquire, making this fund a truly passive growth investment for our clients. We currently see an opportunity within the multi-tenant, open-air, grocery-anchored, neighborhood retail centers where we can achieve outsized risk adjusted returns.  As the market evolves, we will evolve and adjust our investment thesis to always seek the best yield for our investors.

REICG will hold properties for as long as the property continues to deliver the expected cash-flow. We don’t have a pre-defined timeline for liquidation of any asset in our portfolio.  However, we will constantly monitor the portfolio of properties and exchange under performing assets as we deem necessary into higher quality properties.  

No.  Shares of REICG will not be made available on a publicly traded stock exchange, primarily because of the Exchange Rules that would require our share value to rise and fall with the rest of the market.  Our structure was designed to provide very stable share value for our investors by not giving institutional capital the ability to trade in and out constantly.  

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