Pool Investors

We aggregate small balance investors to invest like the 1%. Start with $500 today

Buy Assets

Acquire Stabilized, Cash-flowing, Grade A Commercial Real Estate


Use the cashflow to acquire more assets, creating a compounding effect

Custom Timeline

Liquidate on your timeline, returns become exponential over the long term

by the numbers

9 %

Project Annual Cash on Cash Return

8 Yrs

Projected time to 1st doubling of your investment

5 Yrs

Projected time to 2nd doubling of your investment

Invest With a Proven Investment Strategy

For generations, the richest 1% have used real estate to protect and grow their wealth. REI Capital Growth democratizes their investment strategy, making it possible to build your fortune.

Unlock the potential of secure, steady growth with our product, designed for investors craving asset-backed stability and low volatility. Experience the power of compounding to achieve explosive returns over your journey to financial freedom.

Custom timelines

Invest on Your Terms:
Flexibility with Compounding Growth

Your investment journey is unique, and unlike typical private real estate investments that dictate when you sell, REICG empowers you to liquidate on your terms. Invest for as long as you wish, cash out when you’re ready—take control of your financial future with flexibility at its core.

Our fund thrives on time, turning long-term commitment into significant wealth through the power of compounding. REI Capital Growth offers solid, risk-adjusted returns, revealing its true worth as your investment matures. The longer you stay, the greater your gains.

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