PCI Compliance

REI Capital Management (REICM) acknowledges that to the extent Payment Cards are accepted as a means of investing into one or more of the Funds Sponsored by REICM.  REICM solely responsible for the security of all information obtained from a Cardholder. REICM will, and will ensure each Third Party Service Provider will: (a) fully comply with the PCI Rules; (b) fully comply with Visa’s Account Information Security Program (as set forth in the Visa Rules), Site Data Protection Program (as set forth in the Mastercard Rules), Data Security Requirements (DSR) (as set forth in the American Express Merchant Guide) and Discover Information Security & Compliance program (as set forth at Discovernetwork.com/DISC), and (c) implement and maintain those security measures, processes, encryption methods, software, and hardware necessary to ensure that Card numbers, Card security codes, transaction information, and other Confidential Information is not accessed or used for any reason or by any person other than for REICM’s performance of its obligations under it’s Agreement (including preventing any unauthorized access to such information through REICM’s website, Portal, Equipment, or other payment channels or methods through which Card information and other Confidential Information is received, accessed, transmitted, or stored by or on behalf of REICM). REICM will not store any Confidential Information, including without limitation any Card numbers, Card expiration dates, Card security codes, or other transaction information without Processor’s prior written consent.