REI Capital Growth (REICG)


Real Estate Investing Reinvented

A US Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund For Global Investors


Passive Equity Growth

Backed By a Fund Portfolio of Institutional Quality

U.S. Commercial Real Estate

The REICG investment philosophy
inspired by the Warren Buffet model:


We buy cash-flowing commercial real estate and hold it… forever. Net profits derived from rental income will be reinvested to purchase additional cash-flowing commercial properties, growing the value of the real estate portfolio in a programmatic, compounding fashion.



An Equity Growth  investment product that you can depend upon to grow your wealth, over the long term.

Uncorrelated to changing real estate values?

Share Price Growth Does NOT Depend on Property Value Growth!

This is because, each equity stock holder owns a share of the ever increasing portfolio of, cash-flow positive, properties.

As we acquire additional properties, the Net Asset Value (or “NAV”) of the portfolio increases along with the value of each share of stock.

Predictable Compounded Growth Based upon NOI and Cap Rate

Projected  Equity Growth Rate of 9% annually

Simplified Tax Efficient Structure

The company pays tax at the corporate level (which is at a lower rate than the individual U.S. tax rate)

Because we do not pay dividends, No Need for Expensive Off Shore Tax Haven Feeder Funds

Because we do not pay dividends, No 30% withholding required for Investors with NO US Tax ID

Because we do not pay dividends, no annual Investor Tax reporting: No K-1s or State Tax filings

Investor Capital Gains in Home Country Only upon the sale or redemption of individual shares of stock.

Friction Free Cross-Border Trading

Because we will be an SEC reporting company: Expanded Universe of Potential Investors and Traders

Now Eligible for Fee Only RIAs to invest on behalf of Clients

No Unrelated Debt Financed Income (UDFI) for Retirement Accounts

Perfect For IRAs, 401Ks, ROTH IRAs

How Is REICG Commercial Real Estate Fund Different?

Most real estate investment funds distribute returns in one of two ways, either through distributions/dividends or through the liquidation of the underlying property.

REICG reinvests the cash flow generated from our real estate acquisitions into buying more properties. This investment methodology grows the Fund’s total cash flow, allowing the Fund to purchase ever more properties, growing the portfolio year over year. REICG is a long term investment product that grows investor money by increasing the size and value of the Fund’s real estate portfolio.

Most real estate investments are long term in nature with limited liquidity, but REICG has developed a liquidity vehicle to allow investors to liquidate their shares on their timeline.

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Why Invest In the REI Capital Growth Commercial Real Estate Fund?

Putting your money to work for you is a proven path to financial freedom. And then putting your money to work in the real estate industry has a unique set of benefits.

Investing in real estate is known to be more stable than many other types of investments especially when investing in a real estate fund where the professionals manage everything. However, most people assume that you can only get into real estate by building or buying properties by yourself.

A real estate investment fund is one proven way to get into the real estate investing market.

But before that, let’s look at the basics

What Is A Real Estate Investment Fund And How Does It Work?

A real estate investment fund is a collection of funds from individual or corporate investors aimed at investing in real estate. In the legal sense, a real estate fund is a corporate entity created to bring together like-minded investors. Most times, US commercial real estate fund investors earn profits through capital appreciation.

Some Benefits of Investing In Real Estate Funds

#1: Portfolio Diversification

Whether you are an expert or not, it can be challenging for the average investor to predict market alterations or downturns correctly while managing the property as well.

When markets change, some types of real estate properties might become riskier than others. On top of this managing, the investment on not just one but multiple properties becomes can be almost impossible except for the pros. That’s where REI Capital Growth Comes in with years of experience in running and growing a commercial real estate fund.

#2: Low Entry Point

Instead of working until you save big money to buy properties, Our US commercial real estate fund will offer you the opportunity to start investing with lower capital and much less work.

#3: Passive Investing Strategy

When considering the processes involved in finding, inspecting, and verifying real estate properties, that alone can be a full-time job. With years of experience, REI Capital Growth knows how to properly put in the work and reap the rewards providing you a truly passive opportunity with our Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund. We do all the work from start to finish. Your responsibility? Invest, compound, and grow generational wealth like the top 1%.