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A US Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund
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Passive Income Backed By Institutional Quality U.S. Commercial Real Estate

The REI Capital Income (REICI) philosophy is to offer retail investors a fixed-income bond at a reasonable interest rate relative to other alternatives.  The proceeds of the bond sales will be used to provide first lien debt (i.e. first mortgages) to real estate buyers (i.e. REICG) for the acquisition of fully leased and financially stable, institutional quality, U.S. Commercial Real Estate.

By applying conservative underwriting standards, when considering a real estate loan, similar to a bank lender.  We can provide a long term fixed  income investment product that you can depend upon, in times of global uncertainty.  Interest payments are always made in U.S. dollars.

Remember, in commercial real estate, when times are hard, equity owners get paid last.

The debt gets paid first.

When you invest with REICI, we take the place of the bank.

You get paid first ~ like the bank.

The Rei Capital Income Advantage

Bond Investors are in priority lien position.  Property Owners (Borrowers) must pay debt before distributions to partners.

Unique Bond Structure – with principal balance accretion

The principal accretion (the gradual increase of the bond’s principal balance) increases the total rate of return higher than the coupon rate, because of the interest-on-interest compounding effect. This helps to mitigate interest rate volatility and enhance price stability for secondary trading.

Simplified tax efficient structure (the IRS Portfolio Interest Exemption)

No need for expensive off-shore tax haven feeder funds

No 30% withholding required for foreign investors without a US Tax ID

Friction free cross-border trading

Because we are an SEC reporting company: Expanded Universe of Potential Investors and Traders

Now Eligible for Fee Only RIAs to invest on behalf of Clients

No Unrelated Business Taxable  Income (UBTI) for Retirement Accounts

Perfect For IRAs, 401Ks, ROTH IRAs

How Is REICI Commercial Real Estate Bond Fund Different from other “fixed income” real estate investment products?

Most real estate investment funds distribute profits on equity in one of two ways, either through distributions/dividends or through the liquidation of the underlying property.

REI Capital Income (REICI) has devised a new way to “corporatize” and replace traditional Mortgage Debt for the acquisition of U.S. commercial real estate.

By selling corporate Bonds to people all over the world and using the proceeds to provide the first lien mortgage debt on already built, already leased real estate with stabilized cash flow.

The real estate owner, (the borrower) pays the mortgage payments to REICI, who in turn pays YOU the Bond holders the high yield  fixed interest return.

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Why Invest In A REI Capital Income Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund?

Putting your money to work for you is a proven path to financial freedom. And then putting your money to work in the real estate industry has a unique set of benefits.

Investing in real estate is known to be more stable than many other types of investments especially when investing in a real estate fund where the professionals manage everything. However, most people assume that you can only get into real estate by building or buying properties by yourself. 

A real estate investment fund is one proven way to get into the real estate investing market. 

REI Capital Income LLC (REICI) – when qualified, will be an SEC regulated company and required to file Audited Financials with the SEC annually. Publicly available for anyone in the world to see.

But before that, let’s look at the basics.

What Is A Real Estate Investment Fund And How Does It Work?

A real estate investment fund is a collection of funds from individual or corporate investors aimed at investing in real estate. In the legal sense, a real estate fund is a corporate entity created to bring together like-minded investors. Most times, US commercial real estate fund investors earn profits through capital appreciation.

Some Benefits of Investing In Real Estate Funds


#1: Portfolio Diversification

Whether you are an expert or not, it can be challenging for the average investor to predict market alterations or downturns correctly while managing the property as well.

When markets change, some types of real estate properties might become riskier than others. On top of this managing, the investment on not just one but multiple properties becomes can be almost impossible except for the pros. That’s where REI Capital Income Comes in with years of experience in running and growing a commercial real estate fund.

#2: Low Entry Point

Instead of working until you save big money to buy properties, Our US commercial real estate fund will offer you the opportunity to start investing with lower capital and much less work.


#3: Passive Investing Strategy

When considering the processes involved in finding, inspecting, and verifying real estate properties, that alone can be a full-time job. With years of experience, REI Capital Income knows how to properly put in the work and reap the rewards providing you a truly passive opportunity with our Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund. We do all the work from start to finish. Your responsibility? Invest, compound, and grow generational wealth like the top 1%.