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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

     — Peter Drucker

— REI Capital Growth (REICG) has joined forces with Mount X to bring this amazing investment opportunity to our Latin investors. 2021 and well into 2022 will be an exceptional period of growth for REICG and this strategic alliance. The alliance of our two companies will benefit both REICG and Mount X investors.

How does REI Capital Growth work?

REICG will be opening up the commercial real estate investment opportunities to the smaller investors. These investors can now participate with sophisticated investors around the world doing what they do: investing in significant commercial real estate funds.

REICG will be offering two sperate securities programs of which you may participate in one or both. One is operating to enable you to invest in capital growth. You own shares of property and hold on for the longer term as the properties have the opportunity to grow in value and through acquisition. The other is designed to give you a steady, dependable income.

First: The Equity offering – Ownership shares of a company growth stock.

Acquire stabilized commercial properties with current cash flow.
This fund accumulates and reinvests 90% of the free cash flow, acquiring additional properties, year over year, exponentially increasing the real estate portfolio – and your Equity per-share value.

Up to 10% of the free cash flow will be used to provide limited liquidity for equity investors, with a redemption program. That means if your life needs change, you can leave the program.
After 18 months the fund will be tradable on the Digital Exchanges.
There is no US Tax Exposure for non-US investors.

Second: A Debt Offering – Investment Bonds to pay you passive income.

REICG borrows money from you and not the banks.
Your bonds replace the mortgage debt banks formerly supplied.
Now your Bonds have 1st lien security, instead of the banks.
You receive interest payments quarterly.
After 18 months your bonds become tradable on the Digital Exchanges.
There is no US Tax Exposure for non-US investors.

REICGs offerings will be digital financial securities (or tokens) backed by tangible cash flowing, US commercial real estate.

REICG security tokens are fully compliant with KYC * / AML * requirements and all SEC * regulations, using Blockchain technology. This offers us great transparency and security in all our transactions.

We are honored to announce our alliance with Mount X.

Value offer between REI Capital and MountX.

Currently the Mount X investors can take advantage of the REI Capital Growth opportunities. Starting in May of this year from the MountX Real Estate Capital platform you will be able to invest in the REI Capital Growth real estate investment fund in the USA. (This is new!)

The REICG business model fund products will be offered through MountX. This business model allows global investors to invest in US commercial properties using digital securities called Security Token Offerings.

REICG has created a formula to grow Equity investment exponentially that we are honored to share with our community of Latin American investors.

Adding disruptive innovation + advanced technology + the wealth-generating power of US commercial real estate results in America’s first digital commercial real estate fund. Due to this brand new structure, we can offer an investment opportunity unlike any other. We can work with the smaller and mid-size investors, giving them the wealth generating power of US commercial real estate.

Until REICG, only 1% of the population has had access to this type of investment, and they used it to increase their wealth for generations. Now, by joining our REICG team,  everyday global investors can invest the way the wealthy invest.

This is a great opportunity for the Mount X members.