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REICG Real Estate Investment Opportunity Presentation 2021

The Future Of Real Estate Investment Opportunities!

REI Capital Growth‘s Alan Blair breaks down the fantastic opportunities that are now being offered in our commercial real estate investment fund. In this Real Estate Investment Presentation, Alan breaks down the multiple avenues that make this opportunity unique. This Real estate fund as a whole can easily be categorized as a growth product with projected growth in returns year after year. How do we know for sure? We have been running a highly successful real estate investment fund for years, and we are just now opening up this stable source of passive income to the world.

REICG real estate funds follow an evergreen business model, taking out the traditional real estate business model of liquidity. However, everyone looks for real estate investment opportunities with liquidity; that is not the case here. We don’t plan to sell in 3-5 years. Instead, we hold and make this investment opportunity tradable such as how real estate investment trusts are traded on wall street.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We have Separated the income component from the growth component to overcome the considerable blockade that is the IRS. The IRS can cause many issues when it comes to cross-border trading, which is often overlooked. 

We have meticulously analyzed and come up with ways to provide investors growth in their stock value consistently, mathematically, and in a compounding fashion that is not affected by the changing prices of real estate. These funds are based on stabilized real estate that is already producing cash flow. These funds are based on stabilized cash flow streams that are structured as an interval fund wrapped in a permanent capital vehicle. Thus giving REICG the ability to accurately predict the ROI over the next several years.

For those who are looking for income, There is REI Capital Income. REI Capital Income Provides bonds. This replaces the need for REICG to borrow from banks. Bonds in a separate fund provide the opportunity to make sure the debt is always paid first. At the end of the day, the debt always gets paid first, providing investors with income. 


The Advantages displayed in this Real Estate Investment Opportunity Presentation

  • The natural advantage of investing in real estate i) Interest rates ii) Cap Rates
  • To offer investors the opportunity for a growth product that will grow in value year over year programmatically.
  • The Offering of income as a bond product that serves as the debt for the fund offers a very stable income stream where investors get paid first.
  • Tax benefits unlike any other
  • International Investment Opportunities offering capital gains tax in the investor’s countries (not based on US tax regulations)
  • Equity shares can trade internationally friction-free.
  • Bonds are designed with an IRS exemption.