What Is Digital Real Estate and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, digital real estate is any virtual digital asset with some measurable value. In other words, it’s anything that can be sold or bought online. For example, you are reading this article on a phone or laptop that belongs to you. That phone or laptop is your physical asset. So, your Instagram or web domain is your digital asset. 

The difference is that one functions in the real world and the other exists online. From inception, web domains, email addresses, and blogs were the only online digital assets with high values. The creation of social media handles and mobile apps extended what can be owned on the internet. 

Today, technology has moved us to the third version of digital assets. It’s the era of NFTs, virtual parcels, digital currencies, and security token offerings. Digital real estate is more than having a domain name or website. It is having land in the virtual world or even land in the real world that is being tokenized to provide security token investment opportunities. Companies have created and are creating virtual worlds in a 3D format. Investing in the virtual world now seems promising.

While other companies are taking real-world assets, like real estate funds, and offering a security token offering in the representation of investing within their real estate funds. 

 Both the idea of digital real estate in the metaverse or digital real estate fund representation that offers a security token backed by real-world already profitable and growing US commercial real estate funds. To understand either of these topics we need to break it down to the basics.

What Is Digital Real Estate Metaverse?

So what is digital real estate in the metaverse? Digital real estate in the metaverse is a digital land that is entirely built by the community using blockchain technology. This gives users their own real estate in this digital world where they can do whatever they would like.

Have you imagined there can be a 3D world? A world where you can interact and socialize with people in a game-like format? But the metaverse is not a game; it’s a community. In the metaverse, to live large, you have to buy properties, just like in the monopoly game. 

The genesis of the Metaverse coinage is from “Meta” and “Verse.” Meta in Greek means “beyond” or “next,” while “verse” is detached from the word universe. Therefore, the metaverse means the next universe or beyond the universe. Think of the world you are in now; the metaverse is created to replicate reality in a digital format. In essence, it’s an attempt to create another universe. Some say it is the future of technology. 

Basically, the metaverse is a fictional world where humans exist like avatars and cartoons.  They interact with each other just like in the real world. It’s enabled by argumentative reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Like reality works, the metaverse also operates on some basic exchange laws. That is, buying and selling goods and services. 

We might be looking at the greatest e-commerce while staring at the future of the metaverse. For example, Justin Biber recently hosted a concert in the metaverse, and people paid in digital currency to attend. 

How Do I Buy Digital Real Estate?

The exchange of goods and services makes every community functional. Also, the metaverse thrives on trade. To get land or any virtual domain property, they must be bought virtually. If you are thinking of owning something in the virtual world, here are the steps to start. 

#1. Open a Digital Account:

Exchange on the metaverse takes place with digital currencies. You need a crypto account that would help you send and receive currencies. You can open one with MetaMask or Binance blockchain. Just endeavor to open an account that supports the virtual project you want to buy. 

#2. Fund Your Account:

Your wallet needs to be funded to make transactions. However, each metaverse platform works with a different in-platform currency. Buying $MANA and $ETH can be done on Binance, Coinbase, and other platforms. Just buy a currency your intended platform transacts with. 

#3. Choose Your Virtual World.

Different multiverses exist in the virtual world. You have the right to choose where your virtual reality experience should take place. Have in mind that the location determines the exchange rate. 

#4. Buy What You Want:

A lot of properties are up for sale. While some might choose to buy land, you can choose to buy a mall in the metaverse. It all depends on why you want to be there. It could be for fun, or you want to invest. Once you make the transaction, the NTF would be dropped in your account, and the ownership would change. 

How To Make Money With Digital Real Estate

A few years back in the virtual world, a parcel of land was worth hundreds of dollars. Buying a parcel of land in popular metaverse sites like Decentraland or SandBox is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You increase your wealth on meta verse you can;

  • Buying to hold and sell later. 
  • Buying properties to rent or lease out
  • I am buying a fraction of a property and charging rent on it. 

You can also buy centers that can help you generate income. Owning a shop or mall could be lucrative. For example, the venue used for Justin Bibber’s concert is owned by someone. The owner would rent it out for the concert. Wealth can be massively acquired on the metaverse if proper plans are in place.

How To Invest In Digital Real Estate Funds

How to invest in digital real estate funds? You can invest in digital real estate funds by investing with REI Capital Growth. REI Capital growth is an SEC-approved US Commercial Real Estate Fund that has been tokenized. This means they are offering a security token and each token is backed by a real-world piece of stable, income generating, cashflow positive commercial real estate. They have used the advancements in blockchain technology to be able to offer security tokens in the form of debt investment opportunities such as debt or bond tokens as well as equity investment opportunities in the form of an equity token. With the volatility of the crypto market most digital real estate has drastically fluctuated in price because it’s still in the air which digital real estate will be the best to own. But in our case, each one of our tokens is backed by a real-world already successful commercial real estate that is providing stable and compounding returns! Not to mention this now gives anyone in the world the opportunity to invest in a US Commercial Real Estate Fund with tax and many other advantages that have never been available to investors before. Why haven’t investors been able to take advantage of something like this before? Because before REI Capital Growth there was no digital real estate fund like this before.

Final Thoughts on What is Digital Real Estate And How Does IT Work.

Digital Real Estate can be very lucrative futuristic and volatile while the world of crypto and blockchain is still in its infancy. Mark Zuckerberg recently changed Facebook to Meta because he believes in the market. However, many predictions are uncertain about the future of digital real estate. It can lead to a great outcome, it could not. It’s uncertain and volatile. But one thing is certain, and that is the use of blockchain technology.

For avid investors who are ready to take on aggressive risk, digital real estate may be the way you want to go. For the smart and experienced investors who prefer the compounding, stable opportunity. Then have a look at our white paper to further learn about our commercial real estate fund and feel free to contact us with any questions in the meantime!