XTZ.News Podcast Episode 3: $100 Million Tezos STOs

Published: Feb 13, 2021

XTZ.News Podcast Episode 3: $100 Million Tezos STOs

(This post updated for 2023 – REI Capital did not raise any funds under a trial Reg S launch in 2021- 2022. Further it is now understood, that the REI Capital securities will be blockchain agnostic and dependent upon which alternative trading platforms and digital exchanges that are ultimately partnered with)


REICG has declared that they will launch a $100 million STO on the Tezos blockchain in April. Vince Ferraiuolo, from XTZ.news, interviews Alan Blair on how REI Capital Growth came to be and where it is going. In this video, Alan Blair goes into detail about the function of REI’s two Security token offerings and breaks down all of the different benefits of the offerings.

Also in this video, Vince and Alan will be discussing how and why REICG will be integrating with the Tezos blockchain.

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